EE+A Brand Ambassadorship

EE+A Brand Ambassadorship

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Become a Brand Ambassador and add your flair, fashion, and fun to the rapidly growing Elitist Eyewear & Accessories brand! It’s an investment we’re sure you can make back in NO time. We will help you! 

With this 3-month long ambassadorship you will receive*:

An ambassador discount code of your choosing (10% off entire customer purchase when used).

An elitist eyewear & accessories logo t-shirt (color combo of your choice). 

250 business cards (with your ambassador discount code on them). 

A payout/compensation of 15% of the purchase totals from orders using your ambassador discount code.  

First consideration for event and brand promotion opportunities (local 757 area brand ambassadors only at this time, or those willing to travel (arrangements will be made on a case by case basis)).

5 free accessory pieces to jump start your ambassadorship.** 

Earn 1 free accessory piece after every 4 sales made using your discount code.**


*A Welcome Aboard letter/agreement will be sent to you via email containing further details of this ambassadorship (Just more in depth explanations of what’s stated here. No surprises.)

**Accessories are chosen by the Elitist Eyewear & Accessories brand team. (Don’t worry. You’re joining because it’s all dope anyway. We got you.) 

***Brand ambassadors must be aware of, adhere to, and agree to perform brand promotion tasks, guidelines, and expectations as required. Detailed explanations will be in the Welcome Aboard letter/agreement.